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Our Story


We come from a natural world and, therefore, must return. Such as the momporok chilli, picked by Bulbul birds at the earliest of dawn, eaten, and seeds returned to soils to grow naturally. Like the Bulbul, a born-and-bred Bornean knows what the real spice is.

Explore the Flavours


Growing Greenery, Amorous Air, Rollicking Rain, Rich Soils,

Teal Seas, Mystical Mountains, Friendly Faces, and, A simple life.


Shake before use

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening

Due to the use of natural ingredients, Colour of sauce may vary.

No added colouring.


Chilli, citrus juice, vinegar, sugar, herbs & spices, salt. Contains stabilizer as permitted food conditioner.

Contains permitted preservative.

Momporok Chilli

A chilli from generations past, to generations forward. Grown along the sleepy coast South East of North Borneo with regenerative practices working towards atmospheric carbon removal, re-invigorating our lands, and empowering communities.

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